Tuesday, 5 November 2013

We need to ask a favour...

A wise man once advised never to start with an apology so we'll not do that.  Instead we'll explain why we went quiet for a bit and hope that you understand.

For some months now we've been working on the development of an App that knits our market analysis and feature writing into a product that puts the world of bitcoin into the palm of your hand.

Our aim here has been to provide the following:

Clarity; of the market, of the news and of places where bitcoin is welcome.

Tools that promote trade; that bring buyers and sellers together, online and in person.

With this brief in mind, the BitScan App will allow users to track the market and the value of their coins against it, follow our analysis, access the best news and articles, find places to trade and advertise their own goods and services - all in one place.


The BitScan App is in the final stages of coding for iOS and it's launch will be accompanied by a supporting website.  At this point focus will switch to coding of an Android version.

And while it is too early for us to know whether what we have produced meets the brief that drove us, we are hoping that you will agree to tell us.

So if this short summary has caught your interest we would like to invite you to join our development team and review the App in beta. To do so simply email your details to us here:  askbitscan@gmail.com

On receipt we will forward you a link to Testflight and once you have installed it, send you a link to the App itself.

We will follow this short post with a fuller explanation of the App's features tomorrow but in the meantime, know that there is no catch here.  We ask for nothing in return beyond your honest feedback. This is, after all, the beginning of a journey and if we are not making it together, all the effort will have been for nothing.

Over to you...

Rob @ BitScan